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Find us at Micheham Priory near Hailsham, East Sussex, most Sundays from 12.00 noon.
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Wolfshead Bowmen are Britain’s premier longbow demonstration group, founded in 1992. We are a company of archers dedicated to the use of this weapon that became the backbone of the English army during the medieval period. Our company of men, women and children take pride in the standard of our Medieval costume, weapons and accessories, which cover the period of 1200 to 1485. We are available for public or private events, film and television.

We are looking forward to bringing our new show 'Dangerous to Delicious' on the history of medieval hunting, using traps, nets, birds of prey and longbows. During our 'Dangerous to Delicious' events we provide the public with information not only on hunting techniques but on gathering and putting food on the table as well. Medieval cooking and preparing the food by our camp cooks is part of our display. We will bring this show to Tattershall Castle and Corfe Castle in 2019.

Bookings being taken for 2022/2023 events - please go to our information for clients for full details or contact our Booking Officer.

Wolfshead Bowmen provide all day activities, talks and demonstrations. Are you looking for medieval educational entertainment in a living history encampment? Bookings being taken for 2022/2023 events - please contact our
Wolfshead Bowmen can provide an event for all, whether for a single display or for a full weekend or longer Our main archery show, our crafts accompanied by in-depth talks on a variety of subjects make us the ideal choice for your venue. Read more

Wolfshead Bowmen aim to recreate and demonstrate medieval life within a tented encampement. We want our family audience to have an entertaining, educational and fun day out. Would you like to join us? Please contact our Secretary
Wolfshead Bowmen Archery Group provides archery lessons and training. Come and meet us at Michelham Priory or at one of our events for a Have-a-go and further details on membership and our displays.  Read more
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